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Bytes of Intelligence: Meet the Team

Why should you choose Bytes of Intelligence?

At Bytes of Intelligence, we strive to give quality education at affordable prices, to enhance and empower your education. All of our tutors are friendly and are happy to tailor the lessons for what you need. If you are a GCSE and A-Level student, as well as developing your passion in the subject, the tutors at Bytes of Intelligence will help you strive for the best grade by giving you specific advice and tips to succeed in your examinations.

Personalised Support

Bytes of Intelligence offers tuition that is tailored to your needs – we will listen to what you are unsure about, and try our best to address these in our lessons made specially for you.

Accomplish your aims

All of our tutors want to help you succeed in your examinations, but to also inspire passion in your subject.

Online Lessons

Once your have booked your lesson with Bytes of Intelligence, you will be sent an email with a link to your video lesson with the tutor,

Yash Shah – Founder

Our Story

Yash completed his GCSEs in 2021. He compiled the revision guides, which helped him to achieve ten Grade 9s and an A* in his GCSE examinations.

He is now an A-Level student studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science.

He has also partnered with other experienced and highly qualified tutors whose aim is to provide engaging and personal lessons to help students excel in their education.

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