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Revision Guides

  • Comprehensive and condensed notes for each subject
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • With diagrams, graphs and figures to thoroughly explain the concepts
  • Includes key words and definitions
  • Compiled by Grade 9/A* students

Online Courses

  • Concise and in-depth analysis
  • Secure online notes which can be accessed through the website portal
  • Topic-by-topic explanations, with quotations to support the concepts
  • Includes key words and definitions
  • Exemplar answers to help in speaking/writing exams (French)
  • Compiled by Grade 9 students

GCSE English Literature: The History Boys

GCSE English Literature: Macbeth (Shakespeare)


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*FREE* Revision Timetable Template

If you are looking for a FREE revision timetable template, you have come to the right place! Below you will find an excel spreadsheet you can download for FREE which will give you access to the unique design to plan your revision.

As shown in the image below, there are time-tabled slots to place your detailed tasks in from 09:00 in the morning all the way to midnight (take some breaks!!)

Maths Marathon

What is it? It is an excel spreadsheet that will enable your child to practice and become proficient in basic mathematical operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division & decimals).

Once you notice that the child is getting all the calculations correct and doing them quickly, you can increase the complexity of the sums (for example, once the child is comfortable with 2+5, 7+3, etc you can increase the complexity to 12+5, 16+23, etc by changing the complexity setting in the spreadsheet).

Every day the calculations will be different and the accuracy and timing will be recorded.

Who is it aimed for? Ideal for kids between the ages of 3 – 7 years of age.

Price: £25 / quarter

How does Maths Marathon work?

In essence, the way it works is as follows:

  1. Open the spreadsheet using the password provided (will be emailed to you after payment)
  2. Enter the child’s name in the worksheet J9
  3. As a parent, you can select the level of difficulty of your child in each of the worksheets by changing the cells Row 2 (coloured grey)
  4. Click on Reset
  5. Once the child is ready to start the exercise, click on Start Timer
  6. The child enters the answers in the cells coloured yellow
  7. Once the child has completed all the sums, click on End Timer
  8. Then click on CHECK
  9. How many correct answers and the time taken to complete the exercise are recorded in the worksheet.
    This is password protected, so kids cannot amend the records
  10. Say the child completed Subtraction, then they can move on to Multiplication or Addition, etc and follow the same process and all the Results are recorded in the worksheet, which as a parent you can monitor.

You will be provided with a new password to access the spreadsheet every 3 months (to prevent unauthorised distribution)

Watch the video below to find out more!

See the video which shows how using a customised Excel spreadsheet, your child can perform basic mathematics and with practise the accuracy of the child will get better and perform the worksheet in shorter time period.

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