A-Level Computer Science Revision Guide (Part 1)


This revision guide covers the entire Year 1 (AS) syllabus for the Cambridge International 9618 Computer Science A-Level specification (Units 1 to 12). The detailed notes have been written by an experienced tutor, who has collated these notes to help you achieve the top grades. Notes can be applied to all exam boards, as the topics covered are very similar.

This condensed guide contains all of your A-Level revision needs:

  • Detailed explanations on ALL key concepts
  • Pictures, diagrams and figures
  • Exam tips
  • Tough Past paper questions and answers to each topic

Table of Contents:

AS Level Content
1 Information representation

1.1 Data Representation
1.2 Multimedia – Graphics, Sound
1.3 Compression

2 Communication

2.1 Networks including the internet

3 Hardware

3.1 Computers and their components
3.2 Logic Gates and Logic Circuits

4 Processor Fundamentals

4.1 Central Processing Unit (CPU) Architecture
4.2 Assembly Language
4.3 Bit manipulation

5 System Software

5.1 Operating System
5.2 Language Translators

6 Security, privacy and data integrity

6.1 Data Security
6.2 Data Integrity

7 Ethics and Ownership

7.1 Ethics and Ownership

8 Databases

8.1 Database Concepts
8.2 Database Management System (DBMS)
8.3 Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML)

9 Algorithm Design and Problem-Solving

9.1 Computational Thinking Skills
9.2 Algorithms

10 Data Types and structures

10.1 Data Types and Records
10.2 Arrays
10.3 Files
10.4 Introduction to Abstract Data Types (ADT)

11 Programming

11.1 Programming Basics
11.2 Constructs
11.3 Structured Programming

12 Software Development

12.1 Program Development Lifecycle
12.2 Program Design
12.3 Program Testing and maintenance


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