A-Level Computer Science Revision Guide (Part 2)


This revision guide covers the entire Year 2 (A2) syllabus for the Cambridge International 9618 Computer Science A-Level specification (Units 13 to 20). This includes the entire Paper 4 programming notes in PYTHON. The detailed notes have been written by a tutor, who has collated these notes to help you achieve the top grades. Notes can be applied to all exam boards, as the topics covered are very similar.

This condensed guide contains all of your A-Level revision needs:

  • Detailed explanations on ALL key concepts
  • Pictures, diagrams and figures
  • Exam tips
  • Tough Past paper questions and answers to each topic

Table of Contents:

A Level Content
13 Data Representation

13.1 User-defined data types
13.2 File organisation and access
13.3 Floating-point numbers, representation and manipulation

14 Communication and internet technologies

14.1 Protocols
14.2 Circuit switching, packet switching

15 Hardware and Virtual Machines

15.1 Processers, Parallel Processing and Virtual Machines
15.2 Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits

16 System Software

16.1 Purposes of an Operating System (OS)
16.2 Translation Software

17 Security

17.1 Encryption, Encryption Protocols and Digital certificates

18 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

18.1 Artificial Intelligence

19 Computational thinking and problem solving

19.1 Algorithms
19.2 Recursion

20 Further Programming – PYTHON

20.1 Programming Paradigms
20.2 File Processing and Exception Handling

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