GCSE Geography Revision Notes

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These detailed GCSE Geography notes (over 320 pages) are based upon the CIE iGCSE Geography (9 – 1) specification. However, the contents of these notes are universal for all exam boards, because the topics are vastly similar.

The notes have been used by Grade 9 students, and have been compiled to be specific with the most important information required to learn the content.

  • There are detailed explanations, diagrams, graphs and tables, for each of the topics listed below.
  • There are also many Past paper questions throughout the document which have been added to the appropriate section, as students have found these difficult in the past and they are important to learn.
  • All definitions are highlighted in green in the document and outlined at the top of each of the headings.
  • Bold/underlined words show the key words of each topic.
  • These revision notes contain Case Studies in full detail, with place specific information, statistics, and explanations as appropriate (causes, threats, effects, and management). (case studies covered are detailed below)

The following topics are covered in detail throughout the notes:

THEME 1: Population and Settlement

The following topics are covered in this section:

  • 1.1 Population dynamics
  • 1.2 Migration
  • 1.3 Population structure
  • 1.4 Population density and distribution
  • 1.5 Settlements (rural and urban) and service provision
  • 1.6 Urban settlements
  • 1.7 Urbanisation

THEME 2: The Natural Environment

The following topics are covered in this section:

  • 2.1 Earthquakes and volcanoes
  • 2.2 Rivers
  • 2.3 Coasts
  • 2.4 Weather
  • 2.5 Climate and natural vegetation

THEME 3: Economic Development
The following topics are covered in this section: (note: not all theme 3 topics are covered) 

  • 3.2 Food production 
  • 3.4 Tourism


The following topics are covered in this section.

  • Describing relief
  • Important landforms/patterns to recognise on OS maps
  • Describing drainage
  • Describing key features of a river
  • Determining gradient from maps

CASE STUDIES included in the revision notes: (full detail – explanations, diagrams, maps – place-specific-information, statistics, names. Causes, effects, managements etc.)

  • BANGLADESH, an over-populated country
  • Australia, an under-populated country
  • The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the population – BOTSWANA
  • anti-natalist – China’s one-child population policy
  • PRO-natalist – France
  • NIGER, a country with rapid population growth (youthful population)
  • JAPAN, a country with a declining population (low rate of population growth)
  • International migration from SYRIA to GERMANY
  • JAPAN, a country with a high dependent population
  • GREATER LONDON, a densely populated area
  • HIMALYAN MOUNTAINS, a sparsely populated area
  • LONDON CASE STUDY:  traffic congestion & several problems and solutions
  • DHARAVI, MUMBAI: rapidly growing urban area in developing country and migration to it
  • Eyjafjallajökull VOLCANO ERUPTION – Iceland 2010
  • HAITI Earthquake 2010
  • the opportunities presented by a river: RIVER NILE
  • causes, the associated hazards and management – FLOODING in the SOMERSET LEVELS
  • river landforms – The RIVER TEES
  • SPURN POINT: spit
  • Australia’s Great Barrier Ree: coral reef
  • an area of tropical rainforest: AMAZONIA
  • Climate, Vegetation & Wildlife in The Namib Desert
  • Management and conservation in The Namib Desert
  • large-scale commercial (beef) farming (Brazil – Amazon)
  • small-scale subsistence farming (Swaziland)
  • large-scale commercial farming (Swaziland)
  • Food shortages in DARFUR, SUDAN
  • JAMAICA – tropical tourism

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