GCSE English: Annotated Poems & Analysis


50-page Revision Guide of Annotated Poems with Detailed Analysis

This revision guide contains 50 pages of handwritten annotations on a collection of the best GCSE poems from the anthology and beyond. Grade 9 analysis and comprehensive annotations include:

  • Language
  • Structure
  • Themes
  • Context
  • Motifs and Symbols

Visually appealing with colours to keep focussed. This revision guide can be used to understand the quality of Grade 9 analysis required for GCSE as well as a source of ideas if required to compare poems, or write a detailed essay on one poem.

Poems included:

  • Ozymandias by Shelley
  • London by Blake
  • Extract From, The Prelude by Wordsworth
  • My Last Duchess by Browning
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson
  • Tissue by Dharker
  • Checking Out Me History by Agard
  • Kamikaze by Garland

Themes – analysis, and analysis of example poems:

  • TIME: Lamenting the Past with a Sense of Loss
  • ART: Human Suffering and Fragility
  • NATURE: Conflict with Nature
  • RULING POWER: Authority
  • GEOGRAPHY: Man vs. Nature
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Love and Hardships
  • WARFARE: Pain of War
  • PAIN: Mental pain
  • ANGER: Anger, Weakness and war
  • SADNESS: Human Suffering
  • PTSD: Haunting Reminders
  • REBELLION: Suppression of People in Distress
  • POWER of the individul: The Oppressors vs. The Oppressed
  • DEATH: Sorrow
  • POWER of the group: Returning from battle
  • FEAR: Fear of the end

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