GCSE English: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


90-page Revision Guide Detailed Grade 9 Key Quotes & Analysis


This revision guide contains 90 pages of Grade 9 analysis and comprehensive explanations for all key quotes in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The analysis includes:

  • Language
  • Structure
  • Themes
  • Context
  • Motifs and Symbols
  • Key words and phrases
  • Plans for example essays

Visually appealing with colours to keep focussed. This revision guide can be used to understand the quality of Grade 9 analysis required for GCSE as well as a source of ideas if required to compare different texts, or write a detailed essay on one topic of the poem.

Themes included:

  • The Duality of Human Nature
  • Primitive vs Civilised
  • Good vs Evil
  • Structure and Storytelling (the reader’s experience)
  • Suspense-building and Tension
  • Setting and weather
  • The ‘knot’ tangled and untangled
  • Narrative perspective
  • Secrecy and repression
  • Victorian gentleman’s codes of conduct
  • Reputation (The Public vs The Private)
  • Unasked and unanswered questions
  • Repressing desires
  • Morality and behaviour
  • Public vs Private
  • Friendship and Loyalty
  • Outer vs Inner (appearance)
  • The Potential and Dangers of Science
  • Science vs religion
  • The Supernatural
  • Hyde’s appearance and effect on others
  • Silence
  • Moonlight and Mist
  • Letters and documents
  • Isolation
  • Buildings
  • THE GOTHIC LITERATURE – detailed context
  • Freud’s Id, Ego, Superego
  • Character analysis

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