GCSE Spanish Revision Guide (9-1)


This detailed GCSE Spanish revision guide contains vocabulary, sentence ideas, example phrases and keywords for ALL topics within the GCSE syllabus. The contents of these notes are universal for all exam boards.

The notes have been used by Grade 9 students, and have been compiled to be specific with the most important information required to learn the content.

  • There are detailed explanations, Grade 9 sentences and vocabulary for each of the topics listed below.
  • Keywords and phrases are highlighted to ensure that the student can get familiar with these fantastic sentence type
  • Each theme has multiple topic areas within it. Each topic has several common questions that could be asked in a Speaking or Writing exam, and a few sample answers which the student gets inspiration from

The idea of this revision guide is to ensure that the student is able to understand the level of language and sentences required for Grade 9. It covers everything within the syllabus and beyond as well into A-Level sentences (to ensure that the sentences are of the top quality). Grammatical phrases include the subjunctive, conditional, future tense, as well as unique vocabulary that is not the usual words such as “amazing” or “good”.

Please note that this revision guide is not meant to be copied by the student; instead it can be used to create original work, as a source of information which the student can refer back to if they are struggling on a certain topic.

Please have a look at the sample images provided above which show the quality of the notes within the revision guide.

The following topics are covered in detail throughout the notes:

  • Home life
  • School
  • Food and health
  • Fitness
  • Doctor and the body
  • Personal relationships and family
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Technology
  • The Internet
  • Holidays
  • Special occassions
  • Home town and the local area
  • The Environment
  • Jobs and work experience

NOTE: These notes are PDF downloads that will be sent to your email, along with the password to open the document.

Unauthorised duplication & distribution is strictly prohibited.


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