GCSE Biology Revision Notes

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These detailed GCSE Biology notes (over 180 pages) cover the entire syllabus for the Edexcel iGCSE Biology (9 – 1) specification. However, the contents of these notes are universal for all exam boards, because the topics are vastly similar.

The notes have been used by Grade 9 students, and have been compiled to be specific with the most important information required to learn the content.

  • Each specification point is written as a heading and has explanations, diagrams and tables beneath it.
  • Many Past paper questions AND answers throughout the document which have been added to the appropriate section, as students have found these difficult in the past and they are important to learn.
  • All required definitions are highlighted in green in the document and outlined at the top of each of the specification point headings.
  • ALL keywords are underlined and coloured in red
  • ALL diagrams are added to the required section
  • These revision notes contain ALL required Practicals (and others which are helpful) in full detail, with methods, diagrams and conclusions as appropriate.
  • FULL detailed information for experimental analysis, and conclusion tips (e.g. commenting on precision, accuracy, reliability…)

The following topics are covered in detail throughout the notes:

1 The nature and variety of living organisms
2 Structure and functions in living organisms
3 Reproduction and inheritance
4 Ecology and the environment
5 Use of biological resources


Experimental Analysis
Precision, repeatability, and reproducibility
Random Error
Evaluation Questions
Exam tips

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  1. Tom

    Fantastic revision notes. Exactly what I needed. It breaks everything down into the relevant topics making it very easy to learn the coursework

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